HTC Hero and Wifi Connectivity Issues

I have had some connectivity problems with a HTC Hero (android 1.5, stock ROM) and an ASUS WL-500Gp router running OpenWrt. Once connected the phone would usually disconnect often and when loading pages in the browser the pages would take forever to load or not load at all.

I played around with the settings in my router and I no longer have this problem, so if you are having similar problems with your HTC Hero, or any other android device, this might be of help to you.

First we are going to find the best possible channel for your Wifi network, most routers are set on “auto” per default and usually this setting is not very good at selecting the best channel. If you are situated in a populated area chances are that there are loads of reachable Wifi networks, all of which congest the very same channel that your Wifi is running on. To analyze and fix this issue, do the following:

  1. Download “Wifi Analyzer” from android market and run it
  2. When you first launch it you will see a channel graph, this shows all the Wifi access points in your area along with the channel they are currently configured to use.
    From this graph you can probably already see which channels are heavily used in the area you are in:
  3. Press “Menu” -> “View” and go to the “Channel rating” view, there you will see something like this
  4. Then you choose the channel that has the highest rating, in this case this would be channel 11 or 6. You should try to move around your house/apartment to see which channels have the highest rating in the places where you use your Wifi the most. In my case this is channel 6. Now all you need to do is log into your routers web-interface, usually this is available at or whatever IP your router has.

If changing the channel does not help there are still things you can try to get the best of your Android <-> Wifi experience. In my case the change of channel only made the connectivity slightly better, so I messed around with the routers advanced Wifi settings until I found the settings that worked best. Below are images of the settings and advanced settings that worked for me. I had to change the “Wireless Mode” to “802.11g (range – LRS)“, up the “Transmit Power (in mw)” to “251” (max) and change “Wireless Distance (In Meters)” to 9. I can now connect to the Wifi network from everywhere in the apartment and I no longer have connectivity issues 🙂

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for putting this up, i have a stupid question… I have an HTC Desire S and im having major wi-fi issues, i upgraded my software and now my wi fi wont work at all… Ive installed Wi-FI Analyzer like you said, but there is no option to choose the channel that is better (in my case 14). Please could you help me? Im getting very frustrated.

    Thanks so much.

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