Your users don’t trust you

During the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a web based math game, called BrainTiles. I’ve tested it on my friends, family and co-workers several times and gotten some invaluable feedback regarding the gameplay, design, etc. (it still needs work).

After the “Fuck it, Ship it!” moment, to get another source of feedback, I asked members of a community site I’m a member of to try the game out. The first comments came within minutes and were, among others:

“Maybe you should check your software for errors before you put it online?”

“If you want me to test something for you, I don’t want to have to login”

“I don’t understand why everything has to be hidden away behind a login form”

“Facebook = a total no go for me”

Initially I took the comments quite personally; this was my baby they were rejecting! But after a few read throughs, it dawned on me: these people have absolutely no reason to trust me or my game.

The people close to me have no problems whatsoever creating an account or signing up with Facebook to play my game. They have no reason to believe that I’ll spam their Facebook timelines and e-mail addresses or sell their personal information to 3rd parties.

For people who I have no personal relation to, the situation is the complete opposite. They see no clear value in my game, I need to make it loud and clear what the value is and lower the “cost” of entry.

2 thoughts on “Your users don’t trust you

  1. I think that makes some sense, but remember the community sites you post to are also inhabited by jealous trolls wanting no more then to flame what they can as well. The day a developer gets the recognition he/she deserves for a novel idea is the day I no longer have a job. That being said… you might want another authentication mechanism 🙂

  2. @Andrew: True indeed, the difficult task is weeding out the trolls and translating stuff like “FACEBOOK SUCKS ASS, FUCK YOU MORON!” into a story like “Make an easy registration flow for people who are not fond of 3rd party login solutions”.

    That being said it is already possible to signup without facebook, it’s just not very visible (clickt the “No Facebook?” link on ), might make it more visible in the future.

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