Affiliate Marketing Motivation

I’ve been playing around with affiliate marketing in the last couple of weeks, it hasn’t amounted to much yet, I seem to spend more money on buying domains than I’m getting in affiliate earnings. It’s safe to say that I’m still learning.

When I was working at a small startup in Aarhus a couple of years ago, we had a blue LED lamp, which was hooked up to a computer running a script I wrote, that would make the LED lamp blink every time an end user used our product and speak out loud the total amount of SMS coupons we’d sent. In the beginning it almost never blinked, but after the product took off, I had to modify the script so it would only blink and speak for every 100 coupons sent (we delivered coupons for Sprite, Burger King and McDonalds + a few others at one point). This was great fun to write and helped keep motivation up, so I thought I’d recreate it for my affiliate adventure 🙂

I wrote a little python script for the Danish affiliate network Partner-Ads, which uses their XML feed to fetch the account balance once every 600 seconds (10 minutes) and speaks out loud the amount of money you made if the balance is larger than it was last time it fetched it.

It’s written in python and uses eSpeak to speak the words.

As you can see the script is very crude, but it works. I just keep it running in the background on my laptop.

To run it, download the script and save it in a file, assign your unique key (see code comment) to the KEY constant and run the script:

$ wget
$ sudo apt-get install espeak
$ python

NOTE: This was only tested on a linux machine, but since python can run on pretty much anything, it should be possible to run this on Windows, OS X, etc. You just need a way to make espeak run on the particular platform (or find another text-to-speech program).

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