HTC Hero and Wifi Connectivity Issues

I have had some connectivity problems with a HTC Hero (android 1.5, stock ROM) and an ASUS WL-500Gp router running OpenWrt. Once connected the phone would usually disconnect often and when loading pages in the browser the pages would take forever to load or not load at all.

I played around with the settings in my router and I no longer have this problem, so if you are having similar problems with your HTC Hero, or any other android device, this might be of help to you.

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Backup and rotate shell script – using rsync and sshfs

The other day I needed a shell script that could backup files and folders to a remote server using rsync as well as rotating the backups.


I wrote a small script that does just this, it requires rsync and sshfs (available on Ubuntu as packages). I wrote the scipt to works as follows:

The machine which contains the data I wish to make a backup of runs this script at certain intervals using a Cron-job, one job for backing up the data and one for rotating the backups. The data is copied to a server which supports rsync over ssh and rotating the backup folders is done by mounting the remote filesystem using sshfs and then renaming folders. Continue reading