LG X110, 3G modem, Ubuntu 8.10 and BiBoB

In the LG X110 netbook there is a built-in 3G modem (which also has GPS functionality) of the type “Ericsson f3507g”. This modem can be a bit tricky to get online in Ubuntu 8.10, as the Network Manager does not support it properly. Fortunately according to a couple of posts on Ubuntuforum.org, it will work in Ubuntu 9.04, which is coming soon. But untill then do the following: Continue reading

Ubuntu 8.10 on the LG X110 (X110-G.A7HBV3)

I’ve been playing with a new netbook, the LG X110, which is based on the MSI Wind. After using the Windows XP installation it comes with for an hour I got sick of it and decided to install Ubuntu 8.10. As the X110 does not have a CD-ROM drive and I do not have an external one, I had to find some other way of installing Ubuntu. Here is how I did it:


Things you are going to need:

  • USB memory stick (I used a 1GB one).
  • Internet connection through cable (ethernet) on the X110.
  1. Get UNetbootin, run it and choose Distribution: Ubuntu – 8.10_NetInstall.
  2. Insert a USB memory stick into your computer.
  3. Select the correct USB Drive from within UNetbootin.
  4. Press OK and wait for the program to finish
    — Now let’s get on with the actual installation! —
  5. Follow the installation process (you can choose the 8.10_Live image in step 1 if you want a graphical installation instead of the text based installer of the NetInstall)
  6. You are all done, the only thing you need to fiddle with to get working is the wireless network card and the webcam, luckily some nice people already wrote some guides for the MSI Wind, which also apply to this netbook: wireless guidewebcam guide.

I setup the X110 to use full disc encryption and as far as I can tell the performance loss is not very noticeable, I only really feel it when copying very large files. I also tweaked ubuntu and especially Firefox quite a bit to make the most of the small screen, I will write more about this in a later blog post.

And of course I had to try to take apart the X110, just to see what was inside, below is a picture with the bottom cover removed.

LG X110 cover removed

Update: Ubuntu 9.10 works out of the box with both wifi, webcam and 3G modem, the same installation method as above still works.

Microstock Photography

I’ve started uploading some of my photos taken with my Nikon D40 to various Microstock sites to see if any of them are good enough quality to be sold. And today I got the very first image approved on one of the sites! I don’t think selling images on such sites will make me rich, but earning a few dollars off my hobby would not be bad šŸ™‚

Dried Oregano

Dried Oregano

It usually takes a couple of days from you upload a photo untill it gets reviewed by the staff of the microstock site, this one in particular took ~3 days. If you feel like trying to sell some of your images try one or more of the following sites: