Synthetic happiness

Just found a small clip (~20min) of Daniel Gilbert who, among other things, wrote the book “Stumbling on Happiness”. He talks about synthetic happiness and when and why we humans produce this form of happiness in our heads, mostly without even knowing it. Enjoy!

SE K800i, Linux and Windows

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a Sony Ericsson K800i phone for some time now, this is my experience in using the phone with Linux and Windows.


The K800i works with Linux (Ubuntu 6.10 in my case) to some degree. Transfering files to/from the phone is easy, just plug in the USB cable, choose “File Transfer” mode on the phone and it works as a standard USB mass storage device. It is also possible to transfer files to/from the phone using an infrared port, to get this to work in Ubuntu i simply did the following:

# apt-get install irda-utils irda-tools irda-common
# /etc/init.d/irda-utils start

To send files to the phone, use: “ircp fileToTransfer”
To recieve files from the phone, use: ircp -r (and send the file from the phone using infrared).

Just a reminder: It’s amazing how silly you feel after having run “ircp file” in despair for the 117th time, only to find out that you forgot to enable infrared on the phone.On a final note on the Linux stuff, I have plans to start making an application to communicate with the K800i using bluetooth in Linux. I’ve already found the DisGUISE project which looks quite interesting, although i don’t have much experience with C#.

SE K800i


The K800i works fine with windows, when you plug in the USB cable and select “File Transfer” mode it works as a standard USB mass storage device. But when it comes to everything else besides file transfering, i suggest you use float’s Mobile Agent. FMA enables you to do anything with your SE phone, send and recieve calls and text messages, synchronize your phonebook and calendar and much, much more. One of the neatest features is the ability to use your phone to remotely control various applications, f.ex. Winamp, Windows Media Player, Powerpoint, ICQ, etc. and it’s quite easy to add support for more applications.